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The Zero Show Edit

Season 1: Edit

Zero, Fire Power

Jayke, Air Power

Zapzi, Earth Power

Emily, Water Power

Trinity, Ice Power

Wendy, Darkness Power

Ramone, Magic Power

Season 2: Edit

Matt, Lightning Power

Stevie, Spirit Power



Flames Adventures Edit

Season 1: Edit

Flame, Fire Ninja

Windy, Wind Ninja

Leafy, Nature Ninja

Rain, Water Ninja

Zap, Lightning Ninja

Tina, Water Master

Quatal, Earth Master

Scorch, Fire Master

Gustel, Wind Master

Flamiro, Fire Guardian

Airiana, Wind Guardian

Naturen, Nature Guardian

Whalina, Water Guardian

Shockelin, Lightning Guardian

Season 2: Edit

Samurai, Magic Ninja

Lunarian, Moon Ninja

Shine, Sun Ninja

Rocky, Earth Ninja

Frosty, Ice Ninja

Floriana, Nature Master

Crystal Ann, Crystal Ninja

Sonija, Summoning Ninja

Solius & Lunia, Sun & Moon Guardians

Earthelian, Earth Guardian

Magilyn, Magic Guardian

Icycale, Ice Guardian

Dragonia, Flame's Dragon

Syros, Sonija's Dragon

Leo, Fire Spirit

Lyra, Wind Spirit

Taurus, Nature Spirit

Aquarius, Water Spirit

Sagittarius, Lightning Spirit

Season 3: Edit

Falcon, Fire Cowboy

Widow, Wind Cowgirl

Lawrence, Nature Cowboy

Rallia, Water Cowgirl

Zinger, Lightning Cowboy

Jack & Zack, Speed & Stealth Ninjas

Bangale, Golden Warrior

Marrina, Coral Reef Warrior

Maestrino & Maestrina, Music Warriors

Mysty, Magic Ninji

Gemni, Yin-Yang Spirit

Season 4: Edit

The Three Primary AdventurersEdit

Season 1:Edit

Mac, Party Guy

Ben, Smart Guy

Black, Action Guy

Newsman, Good Brother

Season 2:Edit

Scarlette, Feisty Gal

Violet, Icy Gal

The Riding HeroesEdit

Season 1:Edit

Zip, Speeding Power

Sparc, Fire Power

Rocky, Earth Power

Wave, Water Power

Snow, Frost Power

Season 2: Edit

Jan: Air Power

Jane: Shining Power


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